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No Matter What

We Can Sell It For You

In an estate sale, there are often items of high value that can fetch higher prices through other venues: auctions, collectors, online sales, and other marketplaces. These items may include:

  • Jewelry

  • Fine Art

  • Decorative Art & Furniture

  • Antique Cars

​As we review the items in your estate sale, we will determine if any fit into this “luxury item” category.  If so, we typically follow the following procedure:

  • Research and appraise value;

  • Present to our network of dealers, collectors and private clients;

  • Negotiate the sale of the item, with the greatest return to you.



Have a luxury item or items? Call today for a free consultation: (631) 875-1700​

White Goose was extremely helpful and professional. We needed the contents of our house sold in a very short time, and in a matter of two weeks, White Goose had organized the entire contents of our house, put out ads for the tag sale, donated or discarded items that were not salable and held the sale. They handled everything from soup to nuts, and left the house clean and ready for the buyers.

Elizabeth S. – East Hampton, NY

We needed the contents of our house sold in a very short time...

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