Does White Goose Ship, Hold Items, Or Offer Delivery?

The logistics associated with getting your auction winnings can be daunting. While measurements are always disclosed and notations are made about excessively heavy items, it can be challenging to determine whether a new patio set requires a 10 foot or 16 foot Uhaul to get home. Other times, you may be located across the country and interested in items from a local artist... regardless of the scenario, we want to help!

Sadly, we do not have a way to hold items for you at this time. We are working on some potential solutions to solve this shortfall, but if you can't make the designated pickup window we are likely going to be unable to help you.

Depending on the timeframe, project, and item, White Goose will always try to help with shipping for bidders who live far enough that an in-person pickup isn't practical. We don't have hard and fast rules as to when, what, and how, but please reach out - - if you'd like to inquire about shipping. Sometimes it's just not possible, but we always try to accommodate shipping requests.

Sometimes the items you win require professional help. When that's the case, reach out and we will pair you up with a mover that will get your items moved safely and efficiently. Nothing could be worse than winning a fantastic new item for your house and then having it get damaged by improper moving. Professional movers are that - professional - and we have great options that will fit your budget while keeping your items safe.

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