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Can I Stay In My Home During The White Goose Process?

What service White Goose performs will depend on your timeframe, but no matter which way we are able to help, you need to vacate before we begin. It's part of the White Goose success equation and is one area where there is no room for negotiation. Wonder why we are so insistent? Read on to learn more!

Auction prep requires moving everything

During the setup for an auction project, we will move literally every item in your house. Some items will need to be grouped together to photograph; others need a better background in order to really pop; and some are trash from the get go and we will start cleaning out from the moment the project begins. But regardless, the property will become unlivable in a matter of hours.

Items listed for sale need to remain exactly as advertised

Imagine the scenario if your beautiful, pristine white couches were cataloged, photographed, listed for sale, and accumulating competitive, market-value bids. Now imagine a toddler with baby food... or a best friend with a glass of red wine. The opportunity for disaster increases exponentially when people are on-site and there is nothing like living in the house to be on-site. Removing or editing listings, especially after bids have been placed, is the best path to a soured auction audience and the (completely legal) cancellation of bids on the impacted item as well as many others that a given bidder may have been chasing.

In-Person Estate Sales also disrupt day-to-day living

Our extensive setup for an In-Person project will also turn your house upside down. All items will come out of cabinets, closets, and dressers. We will organize, merchandise, and price everything that is available for sale and leave your home staged as a retail environment. Not only will you find yourself unable to use any of the items available for sale, every flat surface in your house will be covered in marketed items.

Cleanouts Can Move Fast And Are Messy

If you sign on for our Cleanout service, the timeframe is typically compressed when compared to an auction or in-person project. Based on staffing, these projects often take place in spurts and the house becomes unlivable pretty quickly.

You are selling your house - saying goodbye can be hard

Sadly, we are often not mentally ready to leave our homes when the closing date arrives. The sale of your property is dictated by any number of circumstances, but put bluntly, we can't help you if you aren't able to allow the time necessary. Steeling yourself to build in the time before your closing to prepare your property is critical, even though it often feels 'too soon.' Remaining focused on the finish line - your closing - can be tough but always yields the best results all the way around.

Stay more tuned for more info about how to have the best results, as easily as possible, when it comes time to prepare your property for your closing!

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