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We're under contract but experiencing a pandemic... how could you possibly help me?  

  - With Covid-19 effectively closing many businesses in the state of New York, we have worked hard to adapt our business model so that we can continue to offer our services to customers.  With a new, online-auction-sales platform, established private buyer & donation network, and a team that hasn't missed a closing yet (10+ years and 500+ projects) we are still able to help you get to closing with an emptied, broom swept clean house.  Regardless of what you have, we can tailor a solution that fits your needs and budget.  


Online auction? Like eBay? Is that even a thing anymore?  I'm going to get 10 cents for my beautiful custom furniture!


  - Yes, an online auction platform, but this isn't eBay.  We spend a tremendous amount of time photographing, measuring, researching, and cataloging your items in residence and then use an online platform called AuctionNinja to present the auction to 60,000+ registered bidders.  These are serious buyers, not tire kickers, and our initial experience with AuctionNinja suggests that a broader shopping pool yields higher market values for your items.  Put another way, by increasing our geographic reach we are already seeing prices otherwise unattainable for more traditional estate sale methods. 


Ok, that sounds alright - how does the process work?  


  - Some aspects of the pre-Covid days haven't changed - we still start every project with a walkthrough to identify what is going with you and what needs to be sold/donated/removed prior to closing.  Based on this walkthrough, we create a custom proposal for your project.  Not every project will warrant an auction!  In some instances, the quantity or quality of available items or the timing of your closing might make it impossible for us to run an auction.  In those cases don't worry - we can work with our network of private buyers and our donation outlets to maximize dollars generated and tax deduction.  Once we've agreed upon the scope of your project, you remove the items you're keeping and vacate the property.  We take over from there and net you a house ready for closing.



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