Decorum Closing Sale

October 6, 2018

White Goose Estate Sales conducted the final closing sale for Decorum in Amagansett, NY.  The sale was held on Saturday, October 6 from 10pm - 3pm.  Decorum is located at 248 Main Street near Hedges Lane.  Contents included English and French antiques, art, tabletop and chandeliers. 

The  White Goose Estate Sales team brings more than 30 years of estate sale experience to your project. We are the premier, most experienced estate sale companies in the Hamptons. 


We pride ourselves in making sure all items are available at the sale so that everyone has an equal opportunity to view and purchase them, so we will not hold or reserve items, nor do we provide pricing before the sale. Please park respectfully, these are private residences.

We include our clean-out service in every estate sale that we facilitate. For a variety of reasons an estate sale may not be right for you but you may still need to have your house broom swept clean, we would love to help.

Our affordable, insured estate sale services are tailored to the unique opportunities and challenges of the Hamptons. Our proven track record allows our clients to hand over their estate sale to us with confidence.

Please shop at your own risk – Neither White Goose Estate Sales nor the home owner are responsible for accidents inside the home or on the property. This is sale is held on private property – If you are found on the property outside of sale hours, you will be considered trespassing. All sales are final.

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