About Us

wmELsQ5_HS1rAt-EUHfyzdxwTiIXlNplmyxJ1u2eueQ_k1fDOTXSNsnHpH_RvToUkC8hya6NpR1DaGpWS7XvyGsWhite Goose Estate Sales, LLC, is founded, owned and operated by Abigail Cane, who came to the estate sale business with over 20 years of luxury retail management experience (Brooks Brothers, Tiffany).

The company initially started by selling antiques, collectibles and designer clothes on eBay, then moved to conducting in-home estate sales.

Today, White Goose conducts dozens of estate sales annually in residences, and is well-known throughout the east end of Long Island (the Hamptone), providing many client testimonials.

Abigail Cane

Abigail Cane has years of experience researching, purchasing and selling estate items. You can rely on her expertise in appraising collectibles and household items, and pricing them for the market.  Additionally, she earned a Masters in Social Work, which is a plus in the often difficult transitions accompanying estate sales.

“At White Goose Estate Sales, I work for 100% customer satisfaction.  I know how to market the contents of your estate and how to sell it to realize the most money for you.  Further, I can ease your mind while you are going through the stressful process of selling your home and possessions.”

Abigail Cane